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We have been providing rare and endangered heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers to gardeners and market growers since 1996. Our online catalogue has over 650 heirloom seed varieties available, in retail packet sizes and bulk amounts. We have one of the most diverse selections of Certified Organic seeds in Canada, and we add to this each year.



New for 2017

  1. Please note that due to a significant increase in orders, our turnaround time for processing orders has increased to approximately 15 business days. We are working hard to reduce this time and thank you for your understanding. Thank you!

  2. 'Colorado Mix' Yarrow - Certified Organic
    Achillea millefolum

    'Colorado Mix' Yarrow - Certified Organic

    SORRY, SOLD OUT. NEW FOR 2017! This open-pollinated cultivar of common yarrow has been considered an outstanding garden plant for at least 20 years. Growing to 60 cm (2'), it produces flat-topped flowers in a wide colour range including red, beige, rose, yellow, apricot and white from mid-summer to hard frosts. Low maintenance and easy to grow, it is drought tolerant and makes an excellent cut or dried flower, retaining its colour. It's also an important food source for many pollinators. I would highly recommend it as a companion plant for all home and market gardens. Z 3-9.

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    1. Pkt (100 sds): 3.49
  3. Calendula officinalis - Certified Organic
    Calendula - 'Flashback Mix'

    Calendula officinalis - Certified Organic

    NEW FOR 2017! Renowned breeder Frank Morton has developed this astounding variety of calendula named for its red/maroon backs of all the flowers, which show when they close up at sunset. Their faces are a gorgeous mix of cream, orange, yellow and apricot with many semi-double and double blooms.

  4. Deptford Pink - Certified Organic
    Dianthus armeria

    Deptford Pink - Certified Organic

    NEW FOR 2017! This delicate little beauty is native to Britain, although not from Deptford. It was misidentified as such by botanist Thomas Johnson in 1633 and the name has stuck. Sadly, its population has dwindled in Britain to the point of being declared vulnerable and having its remaining natural habitat protected, a victim of the loss of open land to building and tillage. Like many immigrants, though, it has found a safe haven here in North America, growing happily in pastures and wild areas without becoming invasive. Our seed is gathered from the certified organic wildflower meadow on our own property where it enjoys full sun and can tolerate wet or dry conditions. In fact, it grows best in poor soils. This is a graceful plant in all aspects - tall, slender stems grow to 60 cm and are topped by tiny, bright pink flowers covered in barely noticeable white dots in mid-late summer. Sun; hardy to at least Zone 5.

  5. Yellow; Certified Organic
    Djena Lee's Golden Girl tomato

    Yellow; Certified Organic

    RE-INTRODUCED FOR 2017! (80 days) Indeterminate. So pleased to be able to offer this remarkable variety after many years' absence. Djena Lee's thrived during the drought with no watering! The plants produce heavy yields of beautiful, medium-large (8-10 oz), golden-yellow fruit that is meaty and juicy at the same time. The tomato was developed by Djena (pronounced Zshena) Lee, who was part Native American and the daughter of Minnesota financier Jim Lee. She grew it in the 1920's and then gave it to Rev. Morrow in 1929 when he was 15. It has been grown by his family ever since. The taste is so incredible that it won first place at the Chicago Fair for 10 years in a row and it has been listed on Slow Food USA'S Ark of Taste.

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    1. Pkt - 20 seeds: 3.49
  6. Dried Flower Collection

    NEW FOR 2017! Victorians loved their "everlastings" (so-called because they retain their vivid colours and shapes after they've been picked) for the much-needed colour they brought to drab, dark winter homes. Brighten up your home and create your own dried flower bouquets with these beautiful varieties. One packet each of: Love-Lies-Bleeding, Strawflower, Feverfew, Pacific Mix Statice and Sunset Mix Statice. (Savings of $2.45 over individually-priced packets).

  7. Edible Flower Collection

    NEW FOR 2017! Add a new level of artistry and visual appeal to your salads and dishes with these colourful and edible flowers. This collection contains the following organic flower varieties: Bachelor's Buttons, Burage, Calendula, German Chamomile, Shungiku (Garland Chrysanthemum) and Basil. (Save $3.00 off individually-priced packets)

  8. Boneset - Certified Organic
    Eupatorium perfoliatum

    Boneset - Certified Organic

    NEW FOR 2017! Boneset is one of our native wildflowers and can be found most commonly in wet areas and along streams. We find it often growing near Blue Vervain, and it tolerates full sun to part shade. Boneset has long been regarded as a valuable medicinal herb and was introduced to settlers by First Nations people but it was not used, as many think, for setting bones. It apparently gained that common name for its efficacy in treating an 18th C influenza whose pain was so severe that it was called Break-Bone fever. It is still highly regarded for treating fever, colds and flu. A tall plant, it grows to about 100 cm and produces white corymb-like flowers in mid-late summer. It is a valuable butterfly and bee plant and we have seen numerous other native pollinators visiting it. The seed was gathered from our certified organic wildflower meadow. Hardy to Z 3.

    Sold Out
    1. Pkt (100 sds): 3.49

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